fine art by Solomon Walker
Fine art work from the studio of Canadian artist Solomon Walker. Available as Limited Editions (5-10 original prints).

Fine Art Photography by Solomon Walker
beautiful colour and black & white Limited Edition photographic images depicting nature in all her glory. Available in various sizes to fit the display needs of homes and offices, and much more.

Unique fashion items and home decor to fit your unique style.

Greeting Cards
beautiful, unique greeting cards suitable for all your special occasions.

Tote Bag designed by Solomon Walker
beautiful one-of-kind designs paying homage to some unforgettable female stars of the classic silverscreen.

T-shirt designs by Solomon Walker
unique, exclusive sportswear that are designed for fun and adventurous individuals everywhere.

wonderful, colourful Throw Pillows to decorate and spice up any room. Designed by Solomon and available through the Madison Gift Shop.

Authentic rugged clothing and accessories designed for adventure and fun, by Fields & Explorer Sportswear.

Additional links online where you can browse through the creative works of Solomon Walker:


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