Fine Art

Rendered Philosophy…

Creative pieces of fine art that are inspired by life, by everyday human issues and ideas, and by philosophies of every blend, stemming from the present and on back into the ancient past. These are the unique renderings captured delicately as art embodying the thoughts of humans, by Canadian artist, Solomon Walker.

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7 thoughts on “Fine Art”

    1. thanks so much Michele, happy to have your visit and feedback on my portfolio gallery. Please leave me a link to your portfolio too, thanks.

  1. Solomon, your works of art are an amazing offering to the world; quite moving! How are they rendered and are they available to purchase?

    Peace and blessings,

    Cynthia Lynn

    1. thanks Cynthia. Grateful for your visit of course, and appreciate your thoughts about the portfolio. Yes, most of my artwork and photography are for sale. There are links on-site (under “About”) leading to the companies online who distribute my work. My photo portfolio is at:

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