Solomon - the art and photographerSolomon Walker is a professional Canadian Artist, Photographer and Poet, living in the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Toronto, Ontario. He is the Founder/CEO of the Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA), a unique creative project supporting Digital Arts, Artists and Photographers globally.

Solomon has been drawing and painting since the age of 11, and his formal artistic education began in public and technical schools, complemented with workshops and personal tutorship. Along the way, he was fortunate to receive creative art lessons from talented art instructors, who encouraged his artistic gift. His professional education included drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics design, printmaking, wood carving, illustration, computer graphics, typography, fashion design, photography, film and video, plus much more.

Over the course of years, Solomon extended his education and work into business, law, motion pictures and computers. And, as a young entrepreneur he worked in sales, marketing, distribution, publishing and management. He has owned and operated a bookstore, a computer/electronics store, a giftware distribution firm, magazine editor and publisher, a retail clothing store, and created the brand “Fields&explorer Sportswear“. Through all this, Solomon still managed to develop his artistic skills, inspired by a curious and creative mind that he was blessed with since childhood.

During the 1990’s, Solomon explored various methods in producing new and original artwork, with traditional and non-traditional tools and techniques. And, ultimately, a breakthrough came in the form of computer graphic softwares, such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, and various innovative digital tools, and the renderings produced with them. Being captivated by these tools,  he realized that digital was the ideal modern medium which he was searching for in-order to express his creative visions. He would then toil over months on his computer, researching, learning and rendering at every opportunity he could. In time, he would make very unique pieces of art that stimulated and satisfied his soul and senses, and also appealed to new art audiences.

Solomon confesses that he usually create unique fine art from personal emotions, from thoughts, from careful extractions of worldly cultural philosophies, ideas spanning the modern age and on through ancient times. He is perceptually influenced and inspired by everyday life and the many issues that confronts people along it myriad paths. His artistic style and techniques are a combination of past and present creative exposure to various artistic movements and schools of thought: traditional cultural art forms, realism, minimalism, abstract expressionism, cubism, conceptualism, dada-ism, etc. Solomon is truly dedicated to new media and digital creativity, and he focuses his creative attention daily in producing the most captivating works.  Yes, the ultimate results are quite startling and truly satisfying, with each individual piece appearing just as if it was rendered with any traditional tools of past ages. These works of art are truly akin to Solomon’s perception of the ever changing world around him. They live in a realm of mixed abstract and conceptual forms, depicting subjects and ideas that ponders many questions that likely whisk across the mind of folks everywhere.

Away from rendering art, Solomon like to write poetry and make photo images, in both film and digital, preferring to produce fine art type shots in black & white, that are soft and dreamy and explores the dimension of contrast and tones, the play of light, and so much more. Nature scenery and urban subjects are treated almost like paintings in water media, with a careful series of overlays that is quiet and contemplative.

Solomon has participated in various local and international art and photo events, and has been awarded for is creative vision. His work is sold through various online galleries and bought and collected by buyers from across the globe. His Art is available as Greeting Cards (from $3.50) Posters (from $9.95) and sportswear (from $16.00).

ALL Fine ART & PHOTOGRAPHS are available mainly as LIMITED EDITION PRINTS (ranging 5 to 10 pieces ONLY). There are no Open Editions available with any of Solomon’s work.


If you are interested in purchasing or receiving PDF samples of Solomon’s work, please send an email to: solomon@mail2london.com

You can purchase select fine art pieces and photographic images by Solomon through the SHOP link above.


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